Who We Are

Silent Tracks is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is “to protect and promote human-powered recreation in the backcountry of the Gunnison Valley”.  We represent recreational enthusiasts who believe Quiet Places Matter, recognize the physical and health benefits of self-propelled outdoor activities and appreciate the stress-reducing benefits and the value of solitude and wilderness.  We believe future generations deserve opportunities for solitude in natural settings.

Goals and Objectives

Educate the community about the benefits of human-powered recreation and promote educational programs and activities that develop an appreciation for quiet places.

Create and expand partnerships and collaborate with other non-profits, public land managers and other stakeholders to protect and promote areas for quiet human-powered recreation in the backcountry.

Actively participate in the planning processes that dictate policy on public lands.

Preservation of wilderness, natural ecosystems, and quiet places with opportunities for solitude.

Educate the community and public about the need for balanced use in the backcountry of the Gunnison Valley.

Develop strategies and mechanisms for resolving conflicts between motorized and non-motorized users.

Expand Membership and outreach through community engagement.

Continue to seek funding for the ongoing data collection initiative conducted by Western Colorado University Master in Environmental Management (MEM) graduate students.


Embrace Human-Powered Recreation