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Let’s work together to protect and promote human-powered recreation in the Gunnison Valley.

Our Mission

To protect and promote human-powered winter recreation
in the backcountry of the Gunnison Valley.

We’re going places... using human power!

Winter travel planning is now on the minds of many, as the USFS Over-Snow Vehicle Rule (OSV Rule) became law in February, 2015. This new regulation requires all national forests to develop winter travel management plans, determine specific routes and areas that will be open to snowmobiles, establish closed areas, and publish & distribute maps.

Our overall goal is to be a stakeholder in the development of a comprehensive winter travel plan for the Gunnison Valley that includes a well-balanced allocation of our local winter recreation resources.

2018 Board of Directors

Maureen Hall, President
John Ellis, Vice-President
Bill Oliver, Secretary
Cathy Frank, Treasurer
Michele Kearns, Board Member

Current Objectives & Goals

Promote educational programs that develop an understanding and respect and need for balanced use of the backcountry in the Gunnison Valley.

Collect data on usage, conflicts/violations, and economic impacts of backcountry use by motorized and non-motorized recreationists in the Gunnison Valley. Data will be presented to the USFS and public land management agencies to help them better manage resources and conflicts between user groups.

Assist with development of a WTMP, ensuring that all who recreate in the backcountry can enjoy the solitude, sense of adventure, and connection to the landscape they seek.

Create partnerships with other non-profit groups and government agencies. Work with other user groups and public agencies to incorporate various winter recreational emphases and recognize the unique characteristics of diverse areas within the Gunnison Valley.

Educate the public regarding opportunities for human-powered activities available on public lands and about the aesthetics and health and wellness benefits associated with human-powered recreation.

Actively participate as a stakeholder in the planning processes that dictate policies regarding recreation on public lands and the ecosystem that supports these activities.

Develop strategies and mechanisms for resolving conflicts between motorized and non-motorized users.

Develop creative solutions for minimizing and resolving the conflicts between motorized and non-motorized users. Work with private individuals and public land management agencies to develop strategies for signage and enforcement.

Keep the community informed about current travel management planning decisions.

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Let’s work together to protect and promote human-powered winter recreation in the Gunnison Valley!


Silent Tracks is a nonprofit 501c3 tax exempt charitable organization